2017 Challenge

Every other year, guild members are challenged to stretch their imaginations by making a small quilt according to specifications for that year. The theme for the 2017 Challenge is to take one of the wonderful visual images in the song ‘This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land’ as the inspiration to create a mini-quilt. Your quilt can be a representation of any of the images in the song or you can go a step beyond and quilt ‘your land,’ the place you most feel at home.
The only specification is size – it can be no smaller than an area of 100 square inches (for example, 10” by 10” or 4” by 25”) and no larger than an area of 400 square inches (for example, 20” by 20” or 10” by 40”). There are no restrictions as to color, style, design, embellishments, etc. As a quilt, it needs a top and back and some kind of finishing around the edges. Please put your name on the back of your creation.
All Challenge quilts will be collected at 6:15pm at the January, 2017 VAQG Member meeting. Each quilt will be given a number and displayed before the meeting so members can vote for “Viewers’ Choice.” Depending on the number of entries, pieces will be judged on a number of categories and announced that same night or at the next February meeting.
We wanted to present the lyrics of the song on our website but have been having some trouble getting the legal OK to do so. However, if you Google ‘This Land Is Your Land’ lyrics, you’ll find many sites with the full song lyrics.
If you have any questions about the challenge, please contact Crystal Allan at challenge@vaqg.org.