Wednesday and Thursday
October 24 and 25, 2018

Frieda Anderson

Wednesday October 24
Under The Sea

In this fusing class Frieda will teach you new easy ways to make this fun seascape quilt. Using collage techniques and raw edge fusing you will achieve beautiful effects. This is the quilt you want hanging on your wall to cheer you through the winter and think of warmer places and times.
What lies beneath the waves? In a tropical ocean there are plenty of seaweed and sea life to inspire our imaginations. Brightly colored fish, easy flowing sea grass and oceanic bubbles liven this water filled scene. Using fused hand dyed fabrics in soothing and calm colors makes for a fantastical project that will complement any decor. This projects finishes at 22″ x 18″

Under the Sea pattern and fabric kits
• pattern $10
• Under the Sea pattern and fabric kit $45
• Under the Sea fabric only $35
• Pinking Rotary Blade: $12
• Fabric kit –
1/2 yard of hand dyed turquoise to green background fabric
1/3 yard of shaded blue hand dyed fabric for the border
1/4 yard of rainbow stripe hand dyed fabric for detail
1/4 yard of two tone green fabric

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