Mystery Quilt

A new Mystery Quilt is in the making!

Here are two clues:

It's going to be scrappy

You will probably want a 4 1/2" template

Andrea Shlasko and Joan Calarco


What is a Mystery?

A Mystery is a quilter’s game and it’s lots of fun! You make a quilt – but only receive one step at a time, so you have absolutely no idea what it will look like until it’s done.

In the introduction to the first step you will get an idea about the “flavor” of the quilt – is it good for kids? Better for adults? You will get some information to help you select fabrics – values, contrast, prints, and often you will get some pre-cutting instructions as well. You should get an idea of skill level needed (I try to make games even a beginner can play), and you will learn the finished size

You will get your new steps on the website and in the newsletter. The steps are purposely put in an order that will keep you guessing right up to the end!

You might want to set aside a separate box or shelf for the mystery, because you will have to put your work away while you wait for the next step.

How do we construct a Mystery?

Joan and I shared lots of interesting designs and finally settled for the one you will see this year.  Once we decided on the quilt, it was time for me to do the math! I calculate how much yardage I will need for each color by figuring out how many I can cut per strip. I add a bit of yardage – I try to figure out what might be the most logical mistake and add enough to fix it.

I broke down the block into steps, and then shuffled the steps a bit to keep the mystery going. I design the steps in Publisher so that I can send them right to the Newsletter Editor.

Next, Joan and I tested the quilt with the same amount of fabric we  tell you to purchase in Step 1. We follow the directions and do every single step. By the time you get Step 1 - Joan and I will have finished tops. As we go along, I make any corrections necessary so that when we finish I can be sure that you will have enough fabric and that every step is correct.